Recently I decided to have a lazy day. And of course on a lazy day, one thing I’d love to do is drinking Tea. It was also a cold day… so I decided to chop some wood and make a fire in the fire place in the living room while listening to Van Morrison’s Moondance on vinyl.


With the door a tiny bit open, so I could continue listening to Van, I chopped up some charcoal outside and put it on top of the burning fire. Than got out my copper open brazier, which I use to test using them before I will start making them myself for Fire for Tea, and put the burning charcoal inside. I filled up the kettle, placed it on top of the charcoal… ah… time for meditation… the wind soughing through the pines…


Once the kettle was brought to a boil I placed the kettle on my newly finished stove to test it out (and it worked excellent!), before it would be the first one to go out and leave home.


Ahh… a good lazy day!


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