Baisao tea stove


On my road along the dewy path of Tea I’ve been practicing with heating water for Tea. During my practice I’ve been trying to find ways of heating water that are both practical, save and most of all, good for Tea.

It may not surprise you (as you are likely a lover of the Leaf too) that, along my search for ways to heat water, I found that charcoal is best when it comes to heating water for Tea. But as you might have experienced too… depending on where and for how many people you prepare your Tea… it is not always possible, safe, allowed or convenient to do so (and perhaps in some situations it is not even the ‘best’ way to heat water if your intention is to serve people).

So then we have to look for other ways to heat water for Tea than with ‘real’ fire… Using gas is an option, but perhaps not such a kind choice to make when we take in account our Mother Earth… Alcohol is an option, but it’s not so good in bringing a kettle to a boil… Electric cooking plates are an option too… and although infrared plates are the best when it comes to using electric sources, they are often not so appealing and probably wouldn’t be such a nice addition to your Cha Xi (tea stage)…
This left me wondering: how to heat my water… how to heat my water… But one day, as I was walking in the nearby forest at a time that the trees where leafless and the pack of reed on the side of the lake seemed to have disappeared because of the cold, something special caught my eye. It was a plank of wood that was drifting in the water, it looked so worn and torn, curved and curled, but gorgeous at the same time. Call it Wabi-Sabi if you wish.
While I was looking at this gorgeous piece of wood, I suddenly got it! I have to use this wood to make a gorgeous and inspiring, practical and functional infrared stove! And a few weeks later… the first stove was there!

And the journey continues… because I’m making more under the name of Fire for Tea! With Fire for Tea we hope to offer people who drink tea, practice tea ceremony and who live a life of Cha Dao the tools to heat their water for tea with ware that is both practical, useful, gorgeous and inspiring. We hope to give Chajin (tea people) the opportunity to heat their water with ‘real’, elemental fire, as well as with the best kind of heat for tea from our modern technology (infrared), and in this way help Chajin to enhance their water for tea in a way that makes the tea as well as our planet happy.

As we care about the planet and all living beings too, Fire for Tea aims to work in a way that is good for our planet by using sustainable fcs certified, recycled or antique wood to build their braziers.


Me at the Tea Sage Hut with Tulip Goddess (yes, that's my water kettle).

Me at the Tea Sage Hut with Tulip Goddess (yes, that’s my water kettle).


The first stove made in the attic.


The first of the second generation stoves.